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autism radioShow#231 Interview With Nancy P. Romanyshyn A Super Mom Who Wrote a Mission Statement on Traveling With a Child With Autism!!!


State Senate passes bills aimed at helping students with dyslexia,
after years of lobbying by Ocean City family

“After almost eight years of lobbying, Beth Ravelli sat stunned as the
state Senate unanimously passed a group of bills Thursday that should
make it easier for children with dyslexia and other reading disorders to
be diagnosed and treated.  “I just didn’t think it would go so smoothly after all the time we spent pushing,” the Ocean City woman said, eyes tearing with emotion. “But I
think it took eight years to educate people what it was.”  Click here to read more…


How do you get to Carnegie Hall?,” asks Norma Francullo. “Through the support of organizations, businesses, family and friends from Verona.” Read about how C.H.I.L.D. helped get the VHS band to Carnegie Hall here.

CHILD-Lynch-grant Pictured (l-r): CHILD Treasurer Kathy Zaccone, VHS band member Rachel Curcio, CHILD Secretary Meredith Goldstein, Norma Francullo, Erik Lynch, CHILD Co-Chair Nancy Romanyshyn, VHS band member Olivia Lewis.

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