Sensory Rooms at Laning and HBW

“For some children, the demands of a modern classroom can be overwhelming. So overwhelming that they can’t focus on the language arts, math and science that they are there to learn. To help them, Verona’s special services professionals have teamed up to create sensory rooms–small, therapeutic spaces at Laning Avenue School and H.B. Whitehorne where children can re-establish their focus on learning.

The district provided some funding for the work, but other support came from Verona’s learning disabilities support organization Children Having Individual Learning Differences (C.H.I.L.D.), David M. Azzati and Mark V. Buneo.”

Excerpt taken from “Laning, HBW Bring Comforting Touch To Learning” by Virginia Citrano, published on My Verona NJ on October 11, 2017. Full article can be found by clicking here.

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